Goldie Loc

Обложка альбома Goldie LocKeiwan Deshawn Spillman (born January 16, 1980 in Long Beach, California) better known by his stage name Goldie Loc is a rapper who was once a member of Tha Eastsidaz with Snoop Dogg and Tray Deee. Goldie Loc is one half of the group Tha Eastsidaz. After starting at the age of 13, Goldie reached regional stardom before finishing high school. He achieved hits during the No Limit era with Snoop Dogg. When the group Tha Eastsidaz was formed with Goldie Loc and Tray Dee, their first album attained platinum status. The group's second album also eventually attained platinum status. While working on a third album, Tray Dee was involved in a shootout that sent him to prison. After that Goldie took a vacation from the industry. . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
  • Трек: Rimz & Tirez
  • Исполнитель (артист): Xzibit feat. Defari, Goldie Loc & Kokane
  • Длительность 4:52
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "Xzibit feat. Defari, Goldie Loc & Kokane - Rimz & Tirez"

  • 3:42
    DJ AKKeep It Gangsta (feat. Goldie Loc, Pass Pass)
  • 2:43
    Dj AK, Goldie LocKeep It Gangsta (Remix)
  • 4:35
    C-Murder, Snoop Dogg, KoKane, Goldie Loc And Tray DeeeConcrete Jungle (feat. Snoop Dogg, KoKane, Goldie Loc and Tray Deee)
  • 4:10
    Snoop Dogg Featuring Goldie Loc And Bootsy CollinsWe Rest N Cali (feat. Goldie Loc And Bootsy Collins)
  • 4:54
    Silkk The Shocker/Snoop Dogg/Goldie LocPop Lockin' (feat. Snoop Dogg and Goldie Loc)
  • 5:39
    Snoop Dogg feat. Mia X, Fiend, C-Murder, Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal, Goldie LocGhetto Symphony
  • 4:25
    Nate Dogg feat. Snoop Dogg, Goldie Loc & Tray DeeeDitty Dum Ditty Doo
  • 3:42
    DJ Drama & Snoop DoggLet Me Know (feat. Kurupt, Goldie Loc, MC Eiht, Uncle Chucc)
  • 4:05
    Snoop DoggLet's Roll (ft. Goldie Loc & Butch Cassidy)
  • 3:59
    Snoop Dogg20 Minutes (feat. Goldie Loc)
  • 3:54
    Goldie LocMake You Wanna Feat. Warren G & Kokane
  • 4:48
    Snoop Dogg ft. E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc, Daz, KuruptCandy (Drippin' Like Water)
  • 4:48
    Snoop Dogg feat. E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc, Tha Dogg Pound (Daz, Kurupt)Candy (Drippin' Like Water)
  • 4:09
    War Zone (Goldie Loc / MC Eiht / Kam)What Goes Up Must Go Down
  • 5:17
    Tha Eastsidaz (Snoop Dogg, Tray Deee & Goldie Loc)Crip Hop (feat. LaToiya Williams)
  • 4:48
    Snoop Dog feat E-40 Mc Eiht Goldie Loc Daz And KuruptCandy (Drippin Like Water)
  • 4:28
    Snoop DoggCandy ft. E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc, Daz, Kurupt
  • 4:20
    Snoop Dogg (feat. Mr. Kane, Goldie Loc) Hourglass
  • 4:39
    snoop dogg - candy (drippin' like water) ft. e-40, m.c. eiht, goldie loc, daz, kurupt
  • 4:48
    Snoop DoggCandy (Drippin' Like Water) (Feat. E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc, Daz & Kurupt)
  • 4:47
    ♬ Snoop Dogg feat. E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc, Daz and KuruptCandy (Dripping Like Water)
  • 5:40
    Snoop Dogg, C-Murder, Fiend, Goldie Loc, Mia X, Mystikal, Silkk the ShockerGhetto Symphony
  • 4:19
    2Pac,Outlawz,Big L,The GameThrow Your Fingaz Up (feat. Kurupt,MC Eight,Sly Boogy,E.D.I,Goldie Loc) (DJ Flo_W Mix)
  • 3:16
    Bad AzzDogghouse Ridaz Ft. Suga Free, Goldie Loc, Snoop Dogg And Kokane
  • 4:32
    Snoop Dogg & E-40 & MC Eiht & Goldie Loc & Daz & KuruptCandy
  • 4:16
    Snoop DoggCandy (feat. E40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc, Daz and Kurupt)
  • 4:48
    Snoop Dogg feat. Drippin Like Water & E-40 & MC Eiht & Goldie Loc & Daz Dillinger & KuruptCandy
  • 4:06
    Goldie Loc Let's Roll (feat. Snoop Dogg)
  • 3:48
    Snoop Dogg ft. Goldie LocHot Pursuit
  • 5:16
    Goldie LocLet's Go (ft. Nate Dogg)
  • 5:39
    Snoop Dogg & Mia X and Friend and C Murder and Silkk The Shocker and Mystikal and Goldie LocGhetto symphony
  • 5:32
    Snoop Dogg & Jt The Bigga Figga & Mc Eiht & Jojo & Kam & Goldie LocWest Allstars
  • 4:07
    Goldie LocKilla Holiday
  • 4:02
    Goldie LocKeep It Hood
  • 4:39
    Organized Cartel Feat. Goldie Loc (Eastsidaz)Dont Give A Fuck
  • 4:20
    Snoop DoggHourglass (feat. Kokane, Goldie Loc)
  • 0:17
    Snoop DoggCandy (Drippin' Like Water) (feat. E-40, MC Eiht, Goldie Loc, Daz & Kurupt)
  • 4:06
    Goldie Loc ft. Snoop DoggLet's Roll
  • 3:44
    Goldie LocEverything (featuring Tray Deee)
  • 2:44
    Big Tray Deee Eastside Finest ft. Goldie Loc (#NR)
  • 3:36
    Goldie Loc ft. Kam & MC EihtHUSTLE IN MY VEINS
  • 4:29
    Snoop DoggDogghouse (Featuring 4-Tay, Waniac, Goldie Loc & Tray Deee)
  • 3:42
  • 4:20
    Snoop DoggHourglass (feat. Mr. Kane & Goldie Loc)
  • 4:17
    Snoop Dogg Feat. E-40, MC-Eiht, Goldie, Loc, Daz, & KuruptCandy (Instrumental)
  • 4:28
    Snoop Dogg Candy (feat. E-40 Mc Eiht Goldie Loc Daz And Kurupt)
  • 3:19
    Daddy VIt's Longbeach & Compton (feat. Mc Eiht & Goldie Loc)
  • 4:23
    Goldie Loc G'd Up
  • 4:38
    Goldie Loc x RoksonixCome On Now